Paintings inspired by the Isle of Man

Landscape and Seascapes – Expressive and reflective!

All paintings are original works inspired by the beauty of the Isle of Man. Each one is unique and expressive and picks up on the incredible moodiness of the place be it the landscape with it’s rolling mists or the incredible depth of blue seen in the sea as you walk along the coastline. If you are looking for Port Erin, Port St Mary, Gansey or the rolling hills here on the Island, then you will find the essence of them hidden within these works.

Techniques used

Painted on linen and worked in oils. They are built up with an extended working practice of using glaze layers to produce rich, deep colours and depth of emotion.

For these larger works – please contact me for buying options.
Walk Across the Landscape
Beauty for Ashes £2,500 60cm x 117cm unframed
To read the blog on this work
Soft Light £2500 87cm x 117cm
Pilgrimage – Isle of Man
£1,750 Unframed
Winter’s Sky – South Barrule Isle of Man
£1,400 87cm x 56cm Unframed
Moody Moments – The hills of the Isle of Man
£1400 87cm x 56cm Unframed

The Height of The Heavens
£1500 Unframed
The Hills Began to Sing – Up in the Manx Hills
84cm x 59cm Beautifully Framed-Traditional
Beauty and Hope in a Landscape of Desolation
Across the Bay £ 1,100
Vibrancy £1,250
Burnt Braken £800
Island Ablaze £1,100
Sky on Fire – Isle of Man £1,100
Sky £1400 Beautifully Framed-Traditional

Just to keep you updated with my latest work. This is one I am currently resolving and is almost there. It was captured from a long icy walk I made recently across a frozen landscape. Each step had to be carefully chosen and time had to be taken to warm hands! I am e cited by this work although it has been a challenging piece.

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