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    A season held captive

    The thing about this painting is that nobody wants it. Yes, it remains unsold 8 years later. I have even offered it to my family for free! But no, the icy coldness holds them back.

  • Poetry / Prayers


    I step within the shadow of your mighty wings and rest.It is my place of safety.I am covered, loved, protected;sheltered from harm.Warmed by love.Made secure.This is where I need to be and here I will stay.I shall not be afraid.Dangers…

  • About Paintings

    The Height and the Depth

    I had been considering the truths in Ephesians; namely the love of God and so was contemplating this theme when working on this painting. It is my hope that the incredible the indescribable capacity of God’s love is expressed in…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Lost in You

    I wander restless in the wilderness of despair, in darkness and grief. Not knowing which way to turn, or who to trust. Stones hinder my path, twisting my ankles, wrenching my bones.Deep ravines threaten me and the mist comes down…

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    Things Seen

    So I shall cover the canvas with blue and then slather it with the richest of browns, then I shall cut into it with lines of purpose. Then the light will fall. Yes, the light will fall.

  • Remarkable Things

    Roots and Shoots

    Today we were doing a bit of spring gardening and consequently found these little girls hidden away in the shed.  Following the instructions I had placed them there for the winter-all tucked away in a secret place so they could…

  • Poetry / Prayers


    ‘I come to you JesusThe one who loves my soulI look to you and pause to wonder. What path have you trod?What made it even possible that you should consider me, the guilty one, full of pain and shame, full…