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    Art Festival Weekend

    I am opening my Studio at home for this Art Festival Weekend. Saturday 4th May – Monday 6th May 11am -5pm All welcome… Feel free to contact me for details. Also at The Engine House, Castletown – Pre view evening…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Lost in You

    I wander restless in the wilderness of despair, in darkness and grief. Not knowing which way to turn, or who to trust. Stones hinder my path, twisting my ankles, wrenching my bones.Deep ravines threaten me and the mist comes down…

  • About Paintings

    Things Seen

    So I shall cover the canvas with blue and then slather it with the richest of browns, then I shall cut into it with lines of purpose. Then the light will fall. Yes, the light will fall.

  • Remarkable Things

    Roots and Shoots

    Today we were doing a bit of spring gardening and consequently found these little girls hidden away in the shed.  Following the instructions I had placed them there for the winter-all tucked away in a secret place so they could…

  • Poetry / Prayers


    I come to you JesusThe one who loves my soul.I look at your beauty, I feel your compassion, and know your love. I look to you the beautiful one.And pause to wonder. What path have you trodden,What made it even…

  • Remarkable Things

    Now You See Me

    Petrina Written 2014 After watching this rather interesting film, ‘Now You See Me’, I realised God was speaking to me through it about my own situation. The film is about a bunch of magicians, all with different skills of illusion…

  • About Paintings

    Rolling Hills

    I set about to capture the glory of the burnt braken and the strong light of the winter landscape but as I laid down colours I got excited and inspired and it wasnt long before I found myself with a…

  • About Paintings

    When the Light came down

    Seeing how the light was falling on the tiny rock pools around the coast, I set about to capture the overwelming presence of it. Everything changes when the sun comes out; spirits lift and the world looks better. These small…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Even Me

    He took the little ones on His knee,And blessed them Even Me. The very Kingdom of Heaven belongs to‘Such as these.’He said. He talked of seedsand soil,Sheep and shepherds,And, the wandering soul.Revealing His heart to seek them;That none may perish.That…

  • Life and People

    What the Blind Man saw

    Sitting between two men that I didn’t know was the setting for this tale of discovery. Whilst running a School club, we had invited a brilliantly talented pianist to play to the children. He was blind but had applied himself…