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May my prayers be always and only in Christ - breath of the Holy Spirit - love of the Father inspired.

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    Wipe away the smudges from my mind; the thoughts that would hinder me and cloud my vision of You.Let me see clearly. Wash away my stains; those things that have been spilt on me by others and by my own…

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    This is Jesus

    This is Jesus. A man of grief and pain. Knowing rejection. Stricken and afflicted but without blame. Seated once in heaven above, one with the Father, A Man of love. But He came.  The father’s son, His only one. Becoming flesh,…

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    The Boat

    ‘Jesus, Jesus, Beautiful Jesus.There are those who would laugh and scoff that I even think to speak your name. You are but fiction to them. But how can that be when you have revealed yourself so very clearly to me? In…

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    I come quietly to this place of sanctuary to sit in your presence, it is where I love to be.I come in distress,To lay out my grief and doubts before you like a map of wilderness proportions. You knew I was…

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    Like A Flood

    Today the sea came in. Like a flood, overwhelming. I let it come, crushing, defeating. But, subside it must. Let it fall again into the ocean. Let it fall again into the depths of the bottomless sea. Let it not,…